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Whether you’re a startup or an established business looking to gain more online traction, there’s no question that registering the right ccTLD (country code domain extension) will bring numerous advantages. With an expansive list of ccTLDs available, you’re sure to find one, and probably even more than one.

www.Domaingurug.com has the tools you need to continue building your business into a success.

Google really likes ccTLDs

Every ccTLD relates to a specific country. For example, .CA is used to target Internet users in Canada, CN is used for China, and .DE is used for Germany. When you use one of these ccTLDs, you are letting Google know that your business is targeting the particular nation with which the ccTLD corresponds.

Google really likes ccTLDs. In fact, it likes them so much, it has placed ccTLDS at the top of the list of elements it uses to determine country targeting. According to Google, other localisation hints like server locations and Geotargeting settings can also help with country targeting but ccTLDs rank highest.

And keep in mind that when you target countries with ccTLDs, you really don’t need to rely on Geotargeting – an international SEO tool which determines a web user’s whereabouts – which is generally more useful for websites using gTLDs (generic top level domains) like .COM or .NET, domains which are not affiliated with any specific country. In this way, ccTLDs are an especially efficient way to reach local audiences.

Customers recognise – and trust – ccTLDs

Aside from Google search benefits, another reason for using ccTLDs is that international users are familiar with them. People have no trouble identifying, for example, .CO.UK as an extension used to target either web users in the UK or even users outside of the UK who are looking for UK-related content.

A ccTLD alerts International users to everything from which time zone you’re in to which credit cards you may or may not accept. And IDN ccTLDs (international country code top-level domains), available in non-Latin script such as Chinese or Devanagari, indicate which language you use. In other words, a ccTLD informs users of how easy it will be to interact with you.

ccTLDs will create more space for you on the Internet

The reality is that today there are far fewer .COMs available. Therefore, registering a ccTLD is one of the smartest ways to put yourself on the map. A ccTLD will provide you with valuable Internet real estate which has become increasingly difficult to claim.

Alternatives like .NL or .FR not only help to create a less restrictive Internet for website owners, but also enable them to create a more impactful online presence. Just because the .COM domain you are looking for is no longer available doesn’t mean you have to give up matching your domain name with your company name, a domain name mistake you can easily avoid with the help of a relevant ccTLD.

Finally, even if you’ve already registered a .COM, it’s a good idea to also register appropriate ccTLDs in order to catch all the online traffic your brand name or keywords are generating. Once you’ve registered multiple extensions, it’s easy enough to forward one domain to another. Essentially, ccTLDs will enable you to cast a global net, ensuring as large an online presence as possible.

ccTLDS, your map to a new world of customers

Simply put, ccTLDs open up Internet space, providing you with more options.

There is, however, an important caveat to keep in mind: some countries do require a local presence for domain name registration. But fear not. EuroDNS’s local presence service makes it possible for you to register your ccTLD in these countries as long as the domain name registry doesn’t expressly prohibit the operation of a local presence service.

Regardless, how you go about establishing – and maintaining – your online presence is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. And registering an appropriate ccTLD (or ccTLDs) is undoubtedly a crucial step in managing that presence.

Now get out there and conquer the world! Register your ccTLD(s) today. www.Domaingurug.com

http://domaingurug.com/has the tools you need to continue building your business into a success.

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