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 JSM GFLOBE  Corporate Domain Name Management suitable for both small growing business and for an established enterprise with a large domain portfolio. to building a robust domain management policy, understand issues & risks associated with poor management, its impact on brand identity and reputation.


In the digital age that we are currently living in, having a strong online presence is a crucial factor in business success. Today, we turn to the internet first for any information about the products and services a business offers. The key element to making online presence possible is a simple domain name. For this reason, domain names are treated as one of the most important business assets.

Companies with a global presence would often manage a large portfolio of  of domains under as required  extensions. The complex process, if left neglected, can cause a number of issues like domain scarcity, hijacking, theft, to name a few. Poor domain name management can be detrimental to brand protection leading to larger problems like trademark infringement or cybersquatting.

Jsm globe  guide will help your business with building a robust domain name management policy and guideline to protect brand reputation and image and ensure a coherent approach enterprise-wide.

  1. Define corporate domain policy
  2. Consolidate your domains
  3. Consult on  multiple variations
  4. Consult  mandatory brand domain names
  5. Advise right business  extension
  6. Improve security practices

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