what is domain for brand.

Basically, you are giving your customers an easy, sure-fire way of recognising you. By placing your brand name in the URL of your survey, you will leave no doubt in their mind that the survey has come from you. There will be no other brand name visible!

Example:  ‘something’.yourdomain.com, e.g. customersurvey.abcltd.com

How domain branding can help build trust online

Domain branding is an important cog in the wheel of creating customer loyalty. If existing customers recognise your brand, you immediately remove one barrier to survey completion.

It makes sense as, after all, you’ve invested in building a strong brand identity. Your website address is the first reference point a consumer sees when deciding whether or not to take part in your survey. To make a good first impression and increase the likelihood of engagement, add a professional finishing touch by customising your survey’s web address.

Respondents are becoming increasingly aware of cyberattacks daily. This, unfortunately, can have an adverse knock-on effect. When people receive a survey to complete and don’t know where it has come from, they may choose not to respond to it.

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Build awareness with white label surveys

Creating white label surveys and online forms, with a secure subdomain of your choice, lets you deliver a fully branded experience, allowing you to:

The minute your survey lands in your customer’s inbox, they will know it is a legitimate request for feedback from a trusted source. By making customers that it is a legitimate data gathering process and their data will be dealt with responsibly, is a solid business policy that will create subliminal reassurance.

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