Domain Buy-sell, After Market domain consulting - corporate domain management has been providing domain name consulting and corporate domain management services and trusted advice on all domain name related matters since the start of the millennium. We offer a unique, personal service where you won’t be treated like a number. Should you ever need assistance, you’ll feel assured that you have a direct line of communication to domain name professionals with over 20 years in the industry. Our combination of competitive pricing and expert knowledge means DomainGuru is your first choice for safe and secure domain name registration and related services.

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About Us is a domain aftermarket secondary market for Internet domain names in which a party interested in acquiring a domain that is already registered bids or negotiates a price to effect the transfer of registration from the registered holder of that domain name.


To remove all barriers that prevent buyers & sellers of premium domains to connect. Domains should easily & safely change hands.


Help buyers find the domain that fits their brand name. Provide sellers the tools they need to grow their business.


We demand excellence from ourselves in everything we do. Yet we’re a tight-knit group of people who consider each other as family.

Why Domain?

Domain names are the gateway to business’ websites so they are a valuable business asset for companies almost as important as its trademarks. Moreover, there is a steady increase of domain name in price sales and purchases market as companies are ready to invest into domain names related to their product name, brand name, and their business activities. Provide a Valuation of Potential Domains Domains are like internet real estate. Some of them have an intrinsic value based on several factors while others simply have the potential to be developed into something great. We’ll evaluate your options and determine its brand-ability, SEO potential, and any value it has in the aftermarket.

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Every unique idea deserves a great domain name. DomainGuru G has a quality inventory, offering you the choice to choose the best name for your business.

High Security: We are a highly secure platform and take great care to protect user privacy.

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Assured Ownership Transfer: Domain name transfer to the buyer will be initiated in less than 72 hours post payment (99% Assurance). Our concierge service is well trained to handle all kinds of transactions.

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We protect every transaction through a careful escrow process, leading to 100% successful acquisitions since 2014.

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Our partner Adyen processes all payments with professional-grade security so you never have to worry!

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Customers love our team! We are always available for you and respond to your chat or email 7 days a week.

Our platform makes a change of control and ownership of domains easier and safer

If you don’t know the importance of your brand domain we are here to tell why domain is very important per of your business brand. When you buy a house or a car, you buy it in your name. You become the rightful owner. And because of that, you can live in your house and drive your car. Similarly, your domain is also purchased in your name. That’s what makes you its owner and gives you the right to use that domain for your website. First, we secure the domain from its current owner. Then, we help you become the new owner. Finally, we only proceed with paying out the seller after we have secured your newly acquired domain from the previous owner